CD Reviews For: Joice Walton’s "My Perfect Storm"


  • "Vocalist Joice Walton’s new CD, MY PERFECT STORM, is exciting and accessible. Ms. Walton brings passion and energy to her vocals. She has an outstanding group of musicians—including pianist/producer Walter Bankovitch, bassist Jeff Chambers—that provide the perfect background in which Joice can bring her stories."
    –Denny Berthiaume, Pianist, San Francisco, CA


  • "Modern, but classic and timeless is how I would describe Joice Walton’s music. Her album is superb to listen to as an activity or to relax or for events and parties. She has a timeless voice that speaks of life’s experiences good and bad. This is definitely not an album to sleep on."  –Jermaine Hamilton, Studio Circle Recording, San Mateo, CA


  • "The first thing that came to mind was a resemblance to Sarah Vaughan.  I hear sophistication, style and class."  –William-Bill Wilson, Billtown Blues Notes, Williamsport, PA

  • "Joice is in the relentless pursuit and exploration for creative expression, while looking for the Perfect Storm.  We think she’s on track.  Now listen to her latest work “My Perfect Storm”, GOOOOD STUFF!, and take a trip into the world of The Evolution of the Blues.  Now, let’s dance!" -Afrikahn Jamal Davys.  KKUP 94.1fm JaZzline INSTITUTE

  • "The variety of your material and the inclusion of so many of your original pieces was impressive. I loved the Chickens Come Home To Roost blues best".  -Faye Carol, Vocalist, Recording Artist, Berkeley, CA

  • "I like the music, production and package." –Dawan Muhammed, Life Force Jazz Records