Blues/Rock, R&B, Jazz, Soul Songstress … and a lit’l bit o’Country too!


Throughout her simultaneous careers as a boldly eclectic, international-touring blues singer, and procurement agent for Silicon Valley hi-tech firms, Joice Walton has held a number of strong political views. She kept them largely to herself and her circle of friends -- until now. 

On her new single, titled “Vegetable Soup,”

the San Francisco Bay Area based singer-songwriter addresses a number of them, from the U.S. invasion of Iraq to the prospect of building a wall along the border, but her primary focus is on the rash of murders by police of African American men.


Walton’s answer to ending racism, violence and other forms of bigotry and injustice is to provide additional training for police requiring them to de-escalate situations whenever possible and…  create an environment of understanding and tolerance among people of all strips, colors, nationalities, cultures, and provide educational and economic opportunities for oppressed communities everywhere! “We’re all one melting pot,” she sings. “I call it vegetable soup. The bigger the variety, the better she scoop.”



Critics Comments:

“Vocalist Joice Walton delivers a delectable mix of country, blues, pop, and R&B on Texas Heat. The late, great Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown can be heard complementing Walton’s soulful and sultry voice on two tracks.”  -Lee Hildebrand, Living Blues magazine


“Sensual singer Joice Walton is pure dynamite, her voice frenzy and vigorously roars when she performs with passion and commitment.  Ms. Joice is a real whirlwind and unleashed force of nature.”  -Vincent Zumel,  Radio La Hora del Blues, Barcelona, Spain 


“Joice has a voice supple and full of charm and generates a spontaneous combustion of sensuality and humor evident in the ambitions of crossover If I’m Lying I’m Dying, Bury His Bone, shuffle poisonous jealousy, and Talkin’ Bout Tea, which revisits the tradition of erotic double entenders in the table.”   -Edoardo Fassio Musica Jazz Magazine – Torino, Italy


“Joice Walton can sing. The entire album, "Texas Heat" delivers great tunes. A solid album of blues that swing.  Great job!”  -Amanda Eichstaedt, Station Manager, KWMR, West Marin, CA


“Walton sings from deep wells of experience, giving her material that emotional power that cuts through all the crap and reaches straight through to the heart.  From the voice of a roaring Mama lion to sweet, sultry and downright sensual, this woman covers the full range.”- Bill Wilson,  Billtown Blues Festival, Williamsport, PA


Listen to my heart and soul!